(9Z,12E)-9,12-Tetradecadienyl acetate CAS:30507-70-1 Procedure followed


  Basic Information


  Molecular formula:C16H27O2

  Molecular weight:251.38400

  Precise quality:251.20100









  EINECS number:250-753-6

  MDL number:MFCD00009868

  Boiling point:334.8±21.0℃ (760 Torr)

  density :0.890±0.06 g/cm3 (20 ºC 760 Torr)

  Refractive index:1.4565 (25℃)

  Flash point :102.3±20.4℃

  toxicity:LD50 oral in rat:> 1gm/kg

  Procedure followed

  This assessment report has been established as a result of the evaluation of (Z,E)-Tetradeca-9,12- dienyl-acetate (ZE-TDA) as product-type 19 (repellents and attractants), carried out in the context of the work programme for the review of existing active substances provided for in Article 16(2) of Directive 98/8/EC concerning the placing of biocidal products on the market1 , with a view to the possible inclusion of this substance into Annex I or IA to the Directive.

  ZE-TDA (CAS no. 30507-70-1) was notified as an existing active substance, by Aeroxon Insect Control GmbH (Waiblingen, Germany), hereafter referred to as the applicant, in product-type 19.

  Commission Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007 of 4 December 20072 lays down the detailed rules for the evaluation of dossiers and for the decision-making process in order to include or not an existing active substance into Annex I or IA to the Directive.

  In accordance with the provisions of Article 7(1) of that Regulation, Austria was designated as Rapporteur Member State to carry out the assessment on the basis of the dossier submitted by the applicant. The deadline for submission of a complete dossier for ZE-TDA as an active substance in product-type 19 was 30 April 2006, in accordance with 9(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007.

  On 30 April 2006, the Austrian Competent Authority received a dossier from the applicant. The Rapporteur Member State accepted the dossier as complete for the purpose of the evaluation on 30 October 2006. Evaluation was suspended between 29th October 2007 and 29th June 2008 since data in the field of efficacy were missing.

  On 23 February 2009, the Rapporteur Member State submitted, in accordance with the provisions of Article 14(4) and (6) of Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007, to the Commission and the applicant a copy of the evaluation report, hereafter referred to as the competent authority report. The Commission made the report available to all Member States by electronic means on 30 March 2009. The competent authority report included a recommendation for the inclusion of Active substance ZE-TDA in Annex I and IA to the Directive for product-type 19

  In accordance with Article 16 of Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007, the Commission made the competent authority report publicly available by electronic means on 06 April 2009. This report did not include such information that was to be treated as confidential in accordance with Article 19 of Directive 98/8/EC.

  In order to review the competent authority report and the comments received on it, consultations of technical experts from all Member States (peer review) were organised by the Commission. Revisions agreed upon were presented at technical and competent authority meetings and the competent authority report was amended accordingly.

  On the basis of the final competent authority report, the Commission proposed the inclusion of Active substance name in Annex I and IA to Directive 98/8/EC and consulted the Standing Committee on Biocidal Products on 24th September 2010.

  In accordance with Article 15(4) of Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007, the present assessment report contains the conclusions of the Standing Committee on Biocidal Products, as finalised during its meeting held on 24th September 2010.